Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Merger, Acquisition, and Investment Advisory Services

Tap A&A’s 3PL provider insights, market knowledge, and proprietary benchmarks in pursuing your 3PL investment objectives. A&A has provided advice in 26 closed transactions. It has facilitated buy and sell side transactions, driven operational due diligence efforts, and developed industry report prospectus sections for initial public offerings.

  • Utilize A&A’s market expertise to efficiently develop acquisition or merger goals and objectives.
  • Benefit from A&A’s proprietary 3PL, freight forwarder, and warehousing provider databases in identifying target candidates.
  • Let us arrange introductions to prospective candidates.
  • A&A’s proprietary industry benchmarks and market research provides you with superior resources in performing due diligence.
  • Leverage A&A’s operations and information technology expertise throughout the due diligence process.
  • Ask A&A about its involvement in successful deals.

Key Benefits:

  • Tap A&A’s unparalleled, detailed database of hundreds of 3PLs.
  • Know target companies strengths and weaknesses prior to any contact.
  • Use A&A’s primary market research and benchmarks to obtain fair market valuations.
  • Receive critical appraisals of current company operations and overall market potential.
  • Have the resources necessary to negotiate a well thought out deal.

M&A Buy-Side Advisory Process:

  1. Based upon Clients acquisition criteria, A&A will leverage its proprietary 3PL database of over 3,000 3PLs to develop an initial target list.
  2. A&A will:
    • Arrange Initial Meetings to Explore a Potential Acquisition
    • Secure NDAs/Confidentiality Agreements with those Targets of Interest
    • Participate in Target Meetings
    • Support Post-Meeting Follow-up
    • Support Negotiations as Requested
  1. A&A will have ongoing update calls with Client’s team at least once every two weeks, or as mutually agreed to.
  2. If requested, due diligence support can be provided by A&A at hourly rates.

Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL) Market

Are you interested in selling your third-party logistics company? A&A works with many firms interested in acquiring or funding the expansion of existing 3PL operations. If you are interested in selling or finding equity funding for your third-party logistics company, please fill out the Confidential Contact Request form.

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