Warehouse Pricing and Operations Benchmarking

Armstrong & Associates (A&A) has been engaged by manufacturers and 3PLs alike for its warehouse benchmarking and process improvement services.

A&A will assess your current warehouse pricing to increase profitability if you are a warehousing 3PL or determine if the pricing with your current warehousing provider is in line with the market if you are a manufacturer or retailer.

Along with pricing benchmarking, A&A can also review your warehouse operating processes and develop an improvement plan. Our team uses its proprietary knowledge of warehousing operations and industry benchmarks to determine how your warehousing operations compare to “best-in-breed” companies. The basic process is to identify benchmarking priorities, detail key processes to be assessed, perform a current state operational assessment, compare the current state against industry benchmarks, identify performance gaps, and develop an improvement plan to close operational gaps and fuel future growth.

Our general operations benchmarking and improvement plan development process starts with the following areas of assessment / process groups:

Warehouse Management System (WMS)
o Basic System Processes
o Capabilities
o Dashboards, Reporting and Metrics
o Interfaces
Receiving and Inspection
o Dock Management
o Transactions
o Product Labeling
o ASN and Supplier Communication
o Process
o Inspection
o Cross Docking
o Metrics
o Scanning
Material Handling and Putaway
o Material Handling
o Housekeeping and Safety
o Cross Docking
o Putaway
o Metrics
o Product Identification
o Strategy
o Business Rules and Maintenance for Current and Projected Volumes
o Location and Product Velocity
o Product Configuration and Packaging
o System / WMS support
o Metrics: WH Capacity used, Honeycomb, Cubic Capacity
Storage and Inventory Control
o Location Management and Review (Optimize to Reduce Travel time)
o Product Data and Special Requirements
o WMS / Inventory Control
o Transaction Processing
o Cycle Counting (ABC?)
o Inventory Strategy
Pick / Pack
o Strategy and Methods (Order profile, Consolidation, Wave, Zone, etc.)
o Tactics and Equipment
o Pick Documents (Paper, RF, Label, etc.)
o Transactions (Level of Automation)
o Performance Metrics
Shipping and Transportation Management
o Process
o Shipping Transactions (RF, barcode readers, WMS / TMS)
o Managing Customer Requirements
o Shipment / Load Consolidation
o Carrier Selection Optimization Criteria (WMS / TMS)
o Performance Management
o Shipping Documentation (BOL, Manifesting)

Upon the initial assessment of the warehousing operations, A&A will hold a debrief meeting with your management team to review initial findings and impressions. Then a more formal assessment and improvement plan will be developed for the team’s review. This plan will include a balanced scorecard for key value-added warehousing and distribution areas and process improvement recommendations to drive future growth.

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