Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services – General Operational Due Diligence Process

While no two operational due diligence projects are the same, below is a sample process for a target 3PL with warehousing and transportation management capabilities.

1. Internal Analysis: Performed via data requests and onsite at target candidate locations.

Objective: Review management’s vision for growth and assess the target 3PL’s current operations, staff functions, information systems, and back office functions. This information will be used to identify current business strengths and weaknesses.

a. Review growth plans/vision for growing 3PL business

b. Review supply chain management processes and metrics

c. Review warehousing and transportation management capabilities

d. Review sales and marketing organization and business development approach

e. Review RFP/Bid process

f. Review customer/product mix and services performed

g. Review information systems capabilities

h. Define current organizational structure

i. Assess current business development approach

j. Assess overall service offering capabilities

k. Assess overall information systems capabilities

l. Assess current management/administrative structure

m. Identify current strengths and weaknesses

2. Market Analysis and Positioning

Objective: Define third-party logistics market factors, areas of potential competitive advantage, and service differentiation. Identify key industry trends, market segments, target market segments and potential customers. Identify potential competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and detail what is working in the market and what isn’t.

a. Identify market trends, growth rates and segment profitability profiles

b. Define trends in leading 3PL service offerings and technology

c. Profile key 3PL competitors and identify their strengths and weaknesses

d. Analyze 3PL customer relationships, vertical industries with the most opportunity, and successful marketing and sales processes

e. Identify potential areas for competitive advantage and service differentiation

3. Target Third-Party Logistics Provider Competitive Positioning

Objective: Define issues and opportunities given the target 3PL’s sales and marketing approach, organization, operations, information systems, and management structure.

a. GAP analysis – What capabilities are missing to be a market leading 3PL?

1. Sales and Marketing gaps

2. Service offering constraints and gaps

3. Operations and capabilities gaps

a. Transportation management capabilities gaps

b. Warehousing management capabilities gaps

4. Systems and Information Technology gaps

a. Transportation Management Systems gaps

b. Warehouse Management Systems gaps

c. Order Management Systems gaps

d. Other Systems gaps (YMS, CRM, Website, Apps.)

5. Management infrastructure gaps

Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL) Market

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