Co-Managing the Turbulence: Trends in 3PL/Customer Relationships



“Co-Managing the Turbulence: Trends in Customer 3PL/Customer relationships” is an expanded update of Armstrong & Associates’ best-selling report covering the various trends between third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and the customers they serve. From its analysis of over 8,400 current 3PL customer relationships in 44 countries, totaling nearly 22,000 services, the report identifies and details key trends in outsourced “3PL” customer relationships. Armstrong & Associates has been tracking and analyzing customer relationships in the 3PL market for over a decade with ever-increasing detail.

3PL revenue growth trends for nine major customer industry subsegments are provided in the report for the Global Fortune 500, and by major region, including North America, Central/South America, Asia Pacific, and Europe from 2016 through 2023E. 3PL service and industry trends for these four major regions are examined as well as a deep-dive into 3PL relationships in six countries: China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, and Mexico. Detailed information is provided on leading 3PLs serving customers in the Automotive, Retailing, Technological, and Food & Groceries industries as well. The report also details the type and number of 3PL services customers tend to use.

This report is part of A&A’s premium market research Expert Information Service (E.I.S.).
(Note: This report is downloadable as an Adobe PDF file with a single user license.)

Click the link to view a sample of the report: Trends in 3PL-Customer Relationships_Sample

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