Premium Market Research & Analysis Expert Information Service – Standard Subscription


The Expert Information Service (E.I.S.) is A&A’s premium market research and analysis offering. It includes a subscription to A&A’s leading 3PL guide Who’s Who in Logistics. In addition, E.I.S. subscribers have access to A&A’s ongoing 3PL market research reports. These include A&A’s exclusive annual 3PL market analysis, warehousing in North America report, domestic transportation management/freight brokerage report, e-commerce logistics in the U.S. report, customers of 3PLs report, dedicated contract carriage report, global 3PL market report, digital freight matching report, trucking in Mexico report, and spare parts logistics report. E.I.S. subscribers also receive on-demand phone consulting at a discounted rate. The Standard Subscription allows up to three users from a single Corporation access to A&A’s Expert Information Service (E.I.S.). For more than three users, please see our Corporate Subscription. For more than three users plus 20 hours of consulting, please see our Executive Subscription.


A&A’s Premium Market Research & Analysis Expert Information Service

Armstrong & Associates’ (A&A’s) Expert Information Service is its premium market research and analysis offering. The E.I.S. includes access to A&A’s “Who’s Who in Logistics” online 3PL guide with coverage of over 700 third-party logistics providers and all of A&A’s latest market research reports. Report topics range from U.S. and Global 3PL Market trends, to targeted reports on warehouse pricing, e-commerce logistics, the digital freight matching market, trucking in Mexico, and dedicated contract carriage.

A&A’s E.I.S. is an annual subscription that currently includes the following reports in addition to its online 3PL guide:

  1. Downshift: Latest Global and Regional Logistics Costs and Third-Party Logistics Market Trends and Outlook
  2. Making it Count: Big and Bulky Last-Mile Delivery in the U.S. – 2022
  3. Longevity: Insights and Analysis of the Global and Regional SPL 3PL Markets
  4. Dedicated Contract Carriage vs. Dedicated Truckload Capacity – The Search for Untapped Capacity
  5. Rising Tide: The Rapid Growth of E-Commerce Logistics, 3PL Solutions, Last-Mile Delivery, and the Dominance of Amazon
  6. Restart: The Business of Warehousing in North America in the Post-Pandemic Era
  7. Third-Party Logistics Market Results and Trends for 2022 – Including Estimates for 190 Countries
  8. Digitization: The Convergence of Modern Freight Brokerage, Digital Freight Matching, and Automation in Domestic Transportation Management
  9. Trends in 3PL/Customer Relationship
  10. Trucking in Mexico: Navigating the Opportunity
  11. 3PL Brand Recognition, RFP Activity and Expected Profit Margins
  12. Third-party Logistics Brand Recognition

E.I.S. subscribers receive report updates and new reports as they become available during the annual subscription period. New reports will include A&A’s 3PL Market Analysis, Digital Freight Matching, Global E-Commerce Logistics, and 3PL/Customer Trends reports which will be available this year as part of the E.I.S. subscription. A&A’s “Who’s Who in Logistics” online 3PL guide is updated on an ongoing basis and includes profiles on more than 700 3PL providers. It allows users to search by certain parameters such as type of service, regions served, revenue, assets, and more. Search results can be exported Excel and 3PL provider profiles can be downloaded as PDFs. The guide also includes dynamically generated summary reports. Lastly, E.I.S. subscribers receive discounted phone consulting rates to answer questions regarding information in our reports, or other related topics.

Key Advantages:

  • Benefit from market research and 3PL information not available anywhere else.
  • Receive advance information on the latest global 3PL market trends.
  • Track 3PL market leaders and changing market dynamics.
  • Obtain critical information on individual 3PLs.
  • Efficiently compare 3PLs capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Focus your efforts and resources on generating revenue, not research.

The Who’s Who in Logistics 3PL Guide to Global Supply Chain Management is an integral part of A&A’s Annual E.I.S. Subscription. View the latest information from the Who’s Who in Logistics database as it is updated throughout the year.

  • Export search results to Excel for analysis.
  • View detailed individual 3PL profiles and save as Adobe PDF files for portability.
  • Dynamic summary reports and database queries are a click away.


  • In-depth Research and Analysis of Major 3PLs
  • Latest Gross & Net Revenues
  • Overall 3PL Capabilities, Editorial Comments
  • Detailed 3PL Strengths and Weaknesses
  • IT Capabilities Ratings

Guide 3PL Information Categories

  • Analysis of Overall Capabilities
  • Asset Information
  • Customers/Markets
  • Editor’s Comments
  • Financial Information
  • Information Systems
  • Key Personnel
  • Latest Case Studies & News

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