Logistics Outsourcing in Brazil – 2008

STOUGHTON, WI (October 6, 2008) – Brazilian third-party logistics revenues have increased over four times in the last five years to an estimated $14 billion according to a new report, Logistics Outsourcing in Brazil, by Armstrong & Associates. Median 3PL revenue was estimated at $105 million for 2007. Based on revenues, Brazilian 3PLs average two-thirds the size of U.S. based counterparts. The median number of employees for Brazilian 3PLs is 700 and the revenue per employee is $32 thousand. The largest Brazilian third-party logistics companies include: MRS Logística, Julio Simões, Rapidão Cometa, and Log-In Logística.

The report provides a list of over 100 Brazilian logistics services providers with primary information on each company and detailed profiles for 3PLs covered in Armstrong’s Who’s Who in Logistics guides.

Information in the report covers services offered as well as outsourced activities by industry verticals. Information technologies are also reported. The nature of the market and governmental constraints are discussed. The complete report contains 62 pages.

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