Global Logistics Outsourcing Needs Analysis and Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL/4PL) Evaluation, Selection, Contract Negotiation, and Implementation Support

Armstrong & Associates (A&A) has been a leader in third-party logistics outsourcing since 1986 and developed the initial “Contact to Contract” end-to-end logistics outsourcing process. As the global leader in Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Market research and publisher of the “Who’s Who in Logistics 3PL Guide”, we know which leading 3PLs can meet clients’ logistics needs, and how to integrate and manage them to realize competitive benefits.

A&A approaches logistics outsourcing from a strategic make/buy perspective to determine the net benefit of outsourcing. If a client makes the strategic decision to outsource, our team will facilitate the effort to find a capable third-party logistics provider, support contract negotiation, and integrate internal processes with outside services.

3PL relationships often last three or more years. Which 3PL or 4PL solution is right for your company? Leverage A&A’s expertise in making critical global or domestic 3PL and 4PL outsourcing decisions. A&A can help you select the right provider to meet your logistics needs in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America.

A&A’s typical process is as follows:

  • If requested, A&A will perform an internal supply chain process review–internal audit.
  • Client’s internal capabilities are examined and any potential logistics outsourcing improvements are highlighted.
  • If logistics outsourcing is beneficial, A&A will help prepare a comprehensive 3PL/4PL request for proposal (RFP) detailing the proposed logistics functions to be outsourced and the required terms and conditions.
  • A&A will review third-party logistics provider bid responses and provide selection recommendations.
  • Third-party logistics provider operations and information technology capabilities are analyzed in light of A&A’s proprietary industry pricing benchmarks.
  • A&A can support negotiating final contract terms and implementation.

Key Benefits:

  • Typically savings of 10-20% can be realized from implementing outsourced third-party logistics solutions.
  • A&A’s proprietary “Contact to Contract” end-to-end process provides clients with a precisely coordinated “game plan” that results in successful negotiations.
  • Targeted key performance indicators (KPIs) are developed to meet your needs.
  • Once the logistics contract is signed, seamless implementation is a must. A&A’s seasoned personnel can help resolve issues precedent to start-up and monitor the results that follow.

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