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Top 30 Freight Brokers Identified by Armstrong & Associates; TIA

STOUGHTON, WI – A list of the 30 largest freight brokers in North America has been developed by Armstrong & Associates, Inc. with the assistance of the Transportation Intermediaries Association. The list includes nationally known logistics companies like C.H. Robinson, Hub, Exel Transportation and Landstar Logistics as well as several less well known but very capable transportation managers.

“This list is designed to provide visibility to an important part of the transportation industry that is easily overlooked,” said Richard Armstrong, President of Armstrong & Associates. “Most of these companies started as freight brokers and have developed into quality 3PLs. It’s time someone made it easier for transportation consumers to identify the members of the group.”

The list is contained in a short white paper titled Freight Brokers in North America, prepared by Armstrong & Associates. It is available by calling Armstrong & Associates at 800-525-3915 or it can be ordered online at Guides & Research.

About Armstrong & Associates:

Armstrong & Associates, Inc. is a supply chain management consulting firm specializing in market research, mergers and acquisitions and outsourcing.

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About TIA:

TIA is a professional and educational organization of the third-party logistics industry. It represents transportation intermediaries of all disciplines doing business in domestic and international commerce. TIA is the U.S. member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarder Associations (FIATA).

For more information, contact: Robert Voltman (703) 317-2140 or e-mail

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