Amazon Logistics Market Estimates, Benchmarking, and Predictions


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This comprehensive report analyzes e-commerce logistics, its major logistics competitors and Amazon’s impact on transportation and warehouse management, and the overall 3PL markets. Benchmarks for capital expenditures, warehousing and fulfillment, air freight, vehicles and drivers, and 3PL services and related assets are provided.

After establishing the current state of the logistics markets in which Amazon plays, the report’s analysis shifts to predict potential growth strategies which Amazon could pursue to leverage its logistics infrastructure and increase its footprint as a logistics provider via three hypothetical scenarios. Services such as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon Onsite, and Shipping with Amazon are detailed. In addition, the growth of Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner program, expansion of last-mile delivery capabilities, and possibilities for a 3PL acquisition are highlighted.

This report is part of A&A’s premium market research Expert Information Service (E.I.S.). (Note: This report is downloadable as an Adobe PDF file with a single user license.)

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