Karen D. Erickson
Vice President


As Vice President for Armstrong & Associates, Inc., Karen provides expertise to 3PLs, shippers, and other supply chain participants. Her consulting services focus on warehousing and transportation performance improvement and cost management, logistics outsourcing, operations benchmarking, 3PL strategic planning, M&A support, supply chain optimization, and IT systems evaluation, selection, and implementation. Karen has over 30 years of experience in supply chain management.

Karen is a logistics executive and analyst with an instinctive grasp for the practices, techniques and processes that drive efficiency, profitability, and growth. Her expertise comes from having worked at every level from warehouse floor to boardroom, along with countless hours immersing herself in studying the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in logistics/fulfillment. Her passion for connecting the dots between people, process, profit, and growth plays a critical role in shaping the strategic business plan. She provides valuable insights and recommendations that enable simple conversations for sustainable growth.

In addition to her passion for learning, Karen brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her work in fulfillment pricing. From developing fulfillment fees for Overstock.com to teaching multi-billion marketplace organizations, and Fortune 500’s how to engineer sustainable, profitable fulfillment fees.

Karen’s skill set includes Warehouse P&L Management, Forecasting, Acquisition Operational Due Diligence, KPI Score Carding, 3PL Market Pricing and Cost Modeling, 3PL Contract Management, Warehouse Zoning, Layout and Velocity Slotting, WMS (warehouse management system) evaluation, selection, and implementation, and driving Lean/Six Sigma initiatives.

Prior to joining Armstrong & Associates, Karen held the position of Vice President of Business Operations for a2b Fulfillment, Director of Operations for Overstock.com, Director of Client Services for Enlinx Fulfillment, and Director of Operations for Kenco Logistics.

Karen currently leads the 3PL Solutions and Pricing Forum which meets bi-weekly to discuss and analyze techniques, trends, and best practices in warehousing and fulfillment pricing.

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