Guangzhou Bairun Express Logistics Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou, China Site Visit
January 29, 2016
Eric Xiang

Key Personnel:
Mr. Long Xuan, General Manager
Ms. Liang Zhuoying, Operation Director

Guangzhou Bairun Express Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 and is based in South China. It’s headquartered in Guangzhou with branch offices in Humen and Nanshai, and representative offices in Huangpu and the Baiyun airport. Its founding business was transportation of hazardous goods and customs clearance for imports.

As an expert in hazardous goods, Bairun Logistics has 20 tractors licensed for hazardous goods. The company has good cooperation with chemical industry customers both in Guangzhou and Dongguan.

Bairun Logistics operates four warehouses with over 30,000 square meters of space. Three warehouses with 20,000 square meters of space are in Guangzhou and one 10,000 square meter warehouse is in Humen of Dongguan. Bairun Logistics is also running a 480 square meter warehouse in the Baiyun airport for air freight shipments.

Other than trucking and warehousing, Bairun Logistics has its own customs license for imports and exports customs clearance and is ISO 9000 certified.

Bairun Logistics has good customer base. BASF, Gamatronic and Welex in the chemical industry use Bairun Logistics as a key logistics services provider. Bairun Logistics has had a long-term cooperation with them and has a good reputation in chemical industry. Since the Guangdong government published high level KPIs (key performance indicators) and regulations for the transportation of hazardous goods, a growing number of small logistics companies can’t meet the KPIs and regulations so there’s plenty of room for Bairun Logistics.

Bairun Logistics can do customs clearance in the Free Trade Zone (FTZ). It can do the bonded transit customs clearance for transit shipments in-and-out within one day. This is popular among the customers located in the FTZ.

With a strong warehouse facility in Humen of Dongguan and a good relationship with Dongguan Customs, Bairun Logistics is running a Super Line between the Hong Kong airport terminal and Humen for airport cargo. Bairun Logistics acts as the Hong Kong airport terminal’s agent in Humen. The Super Line is a nice option for import and export air freight shipments that transit via the Hong Kong airport. The Super Line helps Bairun Logistics secure more business in the Dongguan market.

Bairun Logistics is also developing e-commerce logistics business in South China. It has set up an online platform for its customers to sell their products to end customers. The main products sold are wine, food, and cosmetics. Most of the business is import cross-border business. Bairun Logistics helps customers do the import customs clearance and warehouse management. After the goods are sold via the online platform, Bairun Logistics can assist customers in selecting a domestic express company to deliver the goods to the end customer. Bairun Logistics has good start in e-commerce logistics.


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