Enterprise Optimization Advisory Services

Clients approach A&A when they are looking for help in positioning their companies for an increased footprint, mergers and acquisitions, and to drive strategic growth. To meet those objectives in today’s environment, A&A’s clients must operate at an optimal level and pull from other resources.

From initial pilot projects to complete enterprise strategy roll-outs, A&A’s expertise can support your organization with the following enterprise optimization functions:

  • Operational workflows review and enhancement.
  • Site/facility optimization and outsourcing.
  • Strategic sourcing and procurement transformation.
  • Designing of restructured and redeployed assets/organization.
  • Market intelligence and benchmarking for category improvements.
  • Revenue injection and improvement programs.
  • Enhanced technology platforms streamlining back office functions.
  • Route optimization and planning.
  • Market penetration strategies.
  • Control tower management of documentation, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and contracts.

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