Digital Freight Matching 2018

Armstrong & Associates is updating our leading 2016 study, “Digital Freight Matching: Capturing Technology-Based Efficiencies in the Trucking Industry.”

Digital Freight Matching (DFM) companies use digital platforms to match a shipper’s freight with available carrier capacity. The goal is to better utilize motor carrier capacity by offering a convenient, digital app to connect shippers and carriers (and, sometimes, brokers). We are particularly interested in exploring the variety of innovations that technology companies and 3PLs are using to match shippers and carriers.

Like our 2016 report (click here for a sample), our 2018 Digital Freight Matching report will present an assessment of the DFM landscape and current market conditions that make the environment conducive to DFM. We’ll also examine investment trends, DFM functionality and characteristics, and industry challenges. We want to highlight how shippers, carriers, and brokers use these technologies, and we’ll be including profiles of key players. We’re also adding a few things—a section on the DFM market in China and our view of how the market has changed since we last wrote about it, for example.

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