Supply Chain Management Systems/Logistics Software Selection Services

A&A has been researching the supply chain systems market since 1981. It has developed benchmarking information on top Warehouse Management (WMS) and Transportation Management (TMS) systems and has aided clients in selecting the appropriate software for their needs. A&A’s typical software selection process is as follows:

  • A&A will perform an internal supply chain systems review. Client’s internal systems needs are examined and supply chain systems capability gaps are identified.
  • If logistics software is needed, A&A will help prepare a comprehensive request for proposal (RFP) detailing the client’s systems requirements and pricing parameters.
  • A&A works with clients in reviewing logistics software vendor bid responses and provides vendor selection recommendations.
  • Systems provider functionality, user-friendliness, implementation and training support, and financial stability are analyzed.
  • A&A can facilitate in negotiating final contract terms and preparing and implementing contracts.

Key Benefits:

  • Supply chain systems improvements can generate increased operational efficiencies, decrease process “bottlenecks”, reduce cash-to-cash cycle times, and improve labor productivity.
  • A&A’s process provides clients with a precisely coordinated “game plan” that results in successful negotiations and superior returns on investment (R.O.I.).
  • WMSandTMS for ROI
  • Once the systems contract is signed, seamless implementation is a must. A&A’s seasoned personnel can help resolve issues precedent to systems deployment and monitor the results that follow.

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