Global Logistics Outsourcing Needs Analysis and Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL/4PL) Evaluation and Selection Services

A&A has been assisting clients with logistics outsourcing projects since 1986. A&A can help you select the right provider to meet your logistics needs in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America. A&A’s typical process is as follows:

  • If requested, A&A will perform an internal supply chain process review–internal audit.
  • Client’s internal capabilities are examined and any potential logistics outsourcing improvements are highlighted.
  • If logistics outsourcing is beneficial, A&A will help prepare a comprehensive 3PL/4PL request for proposal (RFP) detailing the proposed logistics functions to be outsourced and the required terms and conditions.
  • A&A will review logistics provider bid responses and provide logistics provider selection recommendations.
  • Logistics provider operations and information technology capabilities are analyzed in light of A&A’s proprietary industry benchmarks.
  • A&A can facilitate in negotiating final contract terms and preparing and implementing contracts.

Key Benefits:

  • Typically savings of 10-20% can be realized from implementing outsourced contract logistics solutions.
  • A&A’s process provides clients with a precisely coordinated “game plan” that results in successful negotiations.
  • Targeted key performance indicators (KPIs) are developed to meet your needs.
  • Once the logistics contract is signed, seamless implementation is a must. A&A’s seasoned personnel can help resolve issues precedent to start-up and monitor the results that follow.

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