Over 85% of 3PLs covered are private versus publicly traded companies

BROOKFIELD, WI, December 15th, 2022 –Armstrong & Associates, Inc. (A&A) is an internationally recognized leader for third-party logistics market information and consulting. Its mission is to have leading proprietary supply chain knowledge and market research not available anywhere else. As part of its mission, A&A’s Who’s Who in Logistics 3PL Guide provides online access to its continually updated Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL) database covering 725 companies and growing. Companies surveyed and profiled include global and regional 3PLs, digital freight brokers, specialized/niche 3PLs, e-commerce 3PLs, 3PL divisions within larger 3PLs and more.A&A’s 3PL profiles highlight provider revenues, service offerings, geographies served, warehousing and transportation assets, freight forwarding volumes, IT and operational capabilities, and overall strengths and weaknesses.

The search function allows subscribers to find 3PLs by multiple attributes such as type of service, gross and net revenues, vertical industries served, ocean and air freight forwarding volumes, warehousing square footage, and more!

As A&A continues to increase the various “Top 3PL” lists we compile, we’ve also added new fields to our Who’s Who database to capture the required information needed for these lists such as Domestic Transportation Management (DTM) overall and segment revenues, North American warehousing network stats overall and by country, and e-commerce stats to name a few.

New 3PLs added to our Who’s Who guide this year include CLASQUIN, Grupo Alonso, GXO Logistics, Loadsmith, Menzies Distribution, Omni Logistics, Steam Logistics, TransLoop, Varova, and Wiseway Logistics. “With all of the various “Top 3PL” lists and 3PL research A&A contributes to the industry, more and more 3PLs recognize the importance of getting on our radar,” said Market Research Manager, Amy St. Peter.


A&A’s Who’s Who in Logistics 3PL Guide subscription and other 3PL market research can be purchased at: A&A’s Guide and Market Research Reports. Who’s Who in Logistics comes as a standard benefit for Expert Information Service (EIS) subscribers: A&A’s Expert Information Services (EIS) Subscriptions. A&A’s latest “Top 3PL” lists can be found at: A&A’s Top 3PL Lists.



Armstrong & Associates, Inc. (A&A) was established in 1980 to meet the needs of a newly deregulated domestic transportation market. Since then, through its leading Third-Party Logistics (3PL) market research and history of helping companies outsource logistics functions, A&A has become an internationally recognized key resource for 3PL market information and consulting.

A&A’s mission is to have leading proprietary supply chain knowledge and market research not available anywhere else. As proof of our continued work in supporting our mission, A&A’s 3PL market research is frequently cited in media articles, publications, and securities filings by publicly traded 3PLs. In addition, A&A’s email newsletter currently has over 88,000 subscribers globally.

A&A’s market research complements its consulting activities by providing continually updated data for analysis. Based upon its unsurpassed knowledge of the 3PL market and the operations of leading 3PLs, A&A has provided strategic planning consulting services to over 40 3PLs, supported 24 closed investment transactions, and provided advice to numerous companies looking to benchmark existing 3PL operations or outsource logistics functions.

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