Zhejiang Chasen Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou, China Site Visit
January, 2014
Eric Xiang

Key Personnel:
Mr. Evan Wu, President
Mr. Wellking Ni, Sales Manager
Ms. Ruthie Fang, Sales Manager

Founded in 1999, Zhejiang Chasen Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hangzhou, has branch offices in Anji, Fuyang, Huzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai and Wenzhou, and employs a staff of 100.

Chasen Freight is NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier) licensed for ocean freight and handles around 25,000 ocean export TEUs (twenty-foot container equivalent units) annually. Although air freight is not Chasen’s focus, it can handle air freight shipments for customers.

Chasen has contracts with main carriers including APL, CMA, CSCL, COSCO, Maersk, NYK, Wan Hai, etc. The main regions served are North America, Europe, the Far East and Southeast Asia. Its cargo volume to the North American market is about 60% of its total cargo volume.

Overseas, Chasen Freight uses 50 agents so door-to-door service can be provided. Most of the shipments are based on CIF (cost, insurance and freight) terms, which means Chasen doesn’t receive much business from the overseas agents.

Chasen Freight has both customs broker and EEIQ (entry-exit inspection and quarantine) licenses. Chasen handles 1,000 customs clearance shipments and 1,500 EEIQ shipments per month.

Chasen Freight has its own tractors for handling containers and good cooperation with the truck subcontractors. During peak season, Chasen Freight can handle 350 TEUs per day, which makes Chasen very competitive in the market.

Since its customers are based in Zhejiang, the ports of loading are Shanghai or Ningbo. Chasen Freight has a lot of experience with these two ports. NOBLift, Jiuli, and Tubao Veneer are long-term customers. Chasen Freight also has experience with global buyers like U.S. Floor, LifeStyle, Norstar and Costar.

According to Mr. Evan Wu, other than the 25,000 TEUs, Chasen Freight also handles 75,000 TEUs in its local operations via trucking, customs clearance, EEIQ, and even port service to container yard as the containers are under FOB (free on board) terms and the international ocean freight was designated to global logistics companies by the consignee. Mr. Evan Wu is very interested in handling the 75,000 TEUs of international ocean freight the global logistics companies are currently handling. If Chasen can find qualified overseas partners (mainly in the United States and Europe) it would like to work together with these partners to expand cargo volume. It isn’t the right time for Chasen Freight to expand globally so finding a good overseas partner is the route Chasen Freight would like to take.


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