Transport Logistics, Inc.
Wichita Falls, Texas USA
May 9, 2001

Suppose you’ve driven the truck, run the warehouse, controlled the inventory and analyzed the operations for a major company. You know there’s a better way, but the company can’t change fast enough.

What do you do when you know there’s a better way and you’ve had enough of purchasing people who refuse to address the importance of supply chain decisions?

You quit. Open up a 3PL. Do it the right way. Use the profits to build IT that matches your vision and never look back.

That’s how James Lewis was able to set up retail supply chain management the right way.

In 1992, with $8,000 borrowed and a spare bedroom for an office, he set out to get it right.

The result: His company, Transport Logistics, Inc. (TLI) has become a master of retail-to-store transportation and flow-thru management. Lewis’ system revolves around bar-coded carton visibility. Starting with ASNs and master purchase orders, the Lewis design tightly controls the process through store delivery and freight bill payment.

The software backbone is coupled with clear standard procedures for customers, carriers and agents. The software pinpoints any failures by personnel while giving the clear, simple process for getting it right.

Lewis has invested the company’s profits to make it better for customers and employees from the start. He’s proud of his staff and turnover is almost nil.

The IT platform is solidifying quickly with the addition of inbound truckload management. The question now is what’s next for Lewis and his young company. Revenues have reached $25 million and TLI is poised to grow quickly over the next five years.


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