Shenzhen Zhongtianyuan Supplychain Management Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen, China Site Visit
June 24, 2013
Eric Xiang

Key Personnel:
Mrs. Bara Zhao, General Manager

Established in 1998, Shenzhen Zhongtianyuan Supplychain Management’s founding business was bonded warehousing. It is based in the Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone with a warehouse in the Shenzhen Yantian Free Trade Zone and has a staff of 120.

The Futian Free Trade Zone (FTZ) is near Hong Kong. Imported goods shipped from Hong Kong to the Futian FTZ must pay duties and taxes since the goods are bonded. Duties will be charged until the goods import from the Futian FTZ to China mainland. The export goods from China mainland to the Futian FTZ declared as exported are shipped from the Futian FTZ to Hong Kong with ease. Shenzhen Zhongtianyuan Supplychain Management started its bonded warehousing business to handle the goods shipped between Hong Kong and China mainland. It also provides vendor managed inventory (VMI), just-in-time (JIT) services, international trading, purchasing and distribution. Its own trucks are used to handle the shipments between Hong Kong and the Shenzhen Futian FTZ.

In order to meet customers’ demands and secure more business, Shenzhen Zhongtianyuan Supplychain Management opened an 18,000 square meter bonded warehouse in the Shenzhen Yantian FTZ in 2006. The warehouse is near the container yard, about 100 meters from the entrance, and operates 24 hours a day. All export shipments to the warehouse can apply for duty drawback, which is a nice option for exporters.

Shenzhen Zhongtianyuan Supplychain Management has its own customs license. A 300 square meter office is used for processing customs declarations. The system is linked with the China Customs H2000 network for EDI (electronic data interchange). Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine (EEIQ) declarations can be handled on behalf of its customers. Shenzhen Zhongtianyuan Supplychain Management has a good relationship with Shenzhen Customs, professional experience in customs declaration, and can help customers solve some of the problems that arise in customs, which is very important in running a bonded warehouse in China.

Some of its customers include Apple, Philips, Samsung and Mabuchi Motors. Warehouse space is also rented out to logistics companies such as Hanjin Logistics, YAS Logistics and JSI Logistics.

Shenzhen Zhongtianyuan Supplychain Management is a good bonded warehouse manager. General Manager, Mrs. Bara Zhao, has experience in working with multinational companies and a good relationship with customs officials. According to Mrs. Zhao, Shenzhen Zhongtianyuan Supplychain Management is open to cooperating with a global player to bring more value to customers.


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