SanYuan YunTong International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Beijing, China Site Visit
June 11, 2014
Eric Xiang

Key Personnel:
Ms. Cecilia Bi, Overseas Manager
Mr. Zhang Honglun, Sales Manager

SanYuan YunTong International Logistics Co., Ltd. (also known as BSSY Logistics) is a key air freight forwarder in North China with Beijing headquarters and a branch office in Shanghai. It was founded in 1995 and has 150 employees.

BSSY Logistics is Class A licensed for air freight and contracted with all the main carriers. BSSY Logistics provides air export consolidation and handles all the packaging and pallet loading. It can also handle break bulk cargo for air import shipments and provides bonded warehousing. Its warehouse is 760 square meters and located in the Beijing airport. BSSY Logistics is a licensed customs broker and can provide customs clearance for all shipments via EDI (electronic data interchange) and connects with China customs’ system for declaration. Providing smooth customs clearance is its competitive strongpoint.

BSSY Logistics handles around 15,000 tons of air freight annually. Small- to mid-sized logistics companies account for 80% of its volume and direct customers account for the rest. Some of the business is supported by overseas agents. According to Ms. Cecilia Bi, BSSY Logistics has 35 agents overseas.

Although it doesn’t handle a lot of business from direct customers, BSSY Logistics’ direct customers include well-known companies such as Asus, China National Petroleum, Foxconn, and Sany. According to Mr. Zhang Honglun, BSSY Logistics hasn’t put much focus on direct customer development so there is room for BSSY Logistics to advance its sales efforts and expand growth. BSSY Logistics has visited many potential customers throughout China but it is not the right time to expand its own network in China as it has not found the right business development person. However, BSSY Logistics does have a nice start in Shanghai. Its Shanghai branch office has developed well over the years.

In China, more and more local freight forwarders are merging with global logistics providers or domestic Chinese companies making BSSY Logistics face stronger competition. According to Mr. Zhang Honglun, BSSY Logistics has still seen stable gross revenue growth over the past years.

BSSY Logistics is not satisfied with its current performance in the U.S. market. It needs a strong agent in the U.S. to help it develop business and is interested in finding a larger agent who has both import and export business between China and the U.S.

BSSY Logistics has a sister company named SanYuan International Transportation Co., Ltd. that primarily provides air charter services. Both companies share the same management team in Beijing.

As a top air freight forwarder in Beijing, BSSY Logistics has the potential to expand growth by building an experienced ocean freight team and sales team for direct customers.

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