Qingdao Kaoyoung International Logistics Co., Ltd.
Qingdao, China Site Visit
February, 2016
Eric Xiang

Key Personnel:
Ms. Cathy Pan, Oversea Dept. Manager

Qingdao Kaoyoung International Logistics Co., Ltd. (Kaoyoung Logistics) was founded in 2004 as an ocean freight forwarder. It is headquartered in Qingdao with branch offices located in Lianyungang, Tianjin and Shanghai and has 300 employees. Its founder’s work experience in logistics can be traced back to 1993.

Kaoyoung Logistics is NVOCC (non vessel operating common carrier) licensed for ocean freight forwarding, and it’s a booking agent at the Qingdao port for most of the shipping carriers. Kaoyoung Logistics is contracted with the shipping carriers directly and can book space from the carriers directly. Some smaller third-party logistics providers (3PLs) book space with Kaoyoung Logistics but its focus is on direct customers, which account for more than 90% of its cargo volume.

Other than FCL (full container load) forwarding, Kaoyoung Logistics handles bulk commodities, hazardous goods, roll-on/roll-off shipments and oversized goods. It’s a professional at port services.

Kaoyoung Logistics also has its own customs broker license, which is important for exports and imports in China and makes Kaoyoung Logistics very competitive in the local market.

About 70% of its gross revenue comes from exports and 30% comes from imports. Europe, South East Asia and North America are the main destinations for ocean exports. North America makes up 35% of its export cargo volume. Kaoyoung Logistics uses agents overseas to handle the operation at the destination, and it has several agents in North America.

In the Huangdao port area, Kaoyoung Logistics runs a 1,000 square meter warehouse for handling transit shipments. Exporters from inland cities or importers to inland cities can use this warehouse for temporary storage, packing and labeling.

As 90% of the cargo volume comes from direct customers, Kaoyoung Logistics has a strong sales team for developing business. Its sales team has more than 60 employees. With strong sales efforts, Kaoyoung Logistics has a good reputation and solid customer base that includes Volvo, Sinotruk, BAIC Motor and other well-known automotive companies. The Chinese consumer electronics and appliances company, Haier Group, is also a customer of Kaoyoung Logistics.

During the past 10 years, Kaoyoung Logistics has put more focus on bulk cargo. Its annual bulk cargo volume is around 800,000 metric tons making Kaoyoung Logistics a professional at bulk cargo and port services. Lianyungan port and Shanghai port are the main ports used for bulk cargo. Kaoyoung Logistics has 10 years of experience in Lianyungang and six years of experience in Shanghai.

Kaoyoung Logistics is a key ocean freight forwarder and bulk cargo agent in North and East China. If it can expand its network in South China, it will be a competitive ocean freight forwarder throughout China. In addition, Kaoyoung Logistics is interested in developing business in North America and is looking for interested partners in the United States.


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