Menlo Worldwide Logistics
Eersel, Netherlands
October 8, 2003
Richard Armstrong

Key Personnel:
Gert Askes, Managing Director European Operations
Jim Fields, Vice President, Business Development
Art L.H.M. Van Gerven, Logistics Manager
Kees Henselmans, Senior Logistics Manager

You have to be diplomatic, tough, adaptable and Dutch to be a guy named Gert. Gert Askes, Managing Director – European Operations for Menlo, fits the bill. Askes, with typical Dutch business sense, runs the well designed strategic plan for Menlo throughout Europe.

Menlo Worldwide Europe will grow 20% this year, with over $350 in turnover. Operations are solidly profitable with every account’s P&L in the black. Menlo’s emphasis is on larger accounts. Three new customers were added this year, and a large number of proposals are in the pipeline. Not a bad record for a start-from-scratch in 1998. (Menlo as a company pursues about half of the RFPs received.)

Askes is very clear about his team’s objectives for Europe for 2003. Paramount are growth, profitability and a clear understanding about everyone’s role in making it happen. The key staff personnel we met were good at logistics execution. They are veterans used to delivering and embellishing Askes’ plan. Each account owner has his own P&L. Included for FY 2004 is to have Menlo’s LMS (logistics management system) implemented in Europe.

Currently Menlo Worldwide – Europe has operations in Amsterdam, Brussels, Budapest, Eersel, Glasgow, Hahn (Germany), London, Madrid, Manchester, Mechelen (Belgium), Paris and Rotterdam. Major customers include:

Customer Services
Nike Equipment & Golf Distribution center – labeling, kitting,
repacking, export documentation, transportation management, SAP integration,
SC/inventory management, Provia WMS
Ingersoll Rand ASC Distribution center – value-adds,
transportation management, export/import
Trimble Navigation Europe DC/crossdock – transportation management,
bonded warehouse, kitting/order configuration
Serno Care AB DC/crossdock – global spare parts
distribution, transportation management
Stanley Europe Distribution center for Europe
Solectron VMI, transportation management, DC with
value-adds, kan ban, order fulfillment
NCR Corporation DC/fulfillment, staging, assembly, kitting,
reverse logistics, ISO, vendor compliance inventory management

As you would expect, Menlo Worldwide – Europe uses a host of key performance measurements to demonstrate value to its customers. These include all the standard measures for delivery times and inventory accuracy as well as cost per piece for certain accounts.

Menlo has a consulting and design staff on location in Amsterdam. It offers good support for Askes’ operations which are solidly established and gaining market share.


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