HurryTop Logistics
Shanghai, China Site Visit
November 9, 2010
Eric Xiang

Key Personnel:
Mr. Rock Liang, Customer Service Director

HurryTop Logistics started business in 1996 as a state-owned company. It became privately-owned in 2004. An investor from Australia invested in HurryTop in 2007 and merged HurryTop Logistics with FeiPeng Logistics into China Network Logistics headquartered in Hong Kong. Both brands, HurryTop and FeiPeng, continue to operate separately. HurryTop has over 480 employees working in over 30 branch offices.

HurryTop has an inland full truckload (FTL) transportation and domestic distribution focus. It uses 120 vans between Guangzhou/Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing/Tianjin, and Shenyang for its FTL business. All the vans are GPS equipped. HurryTop has its own load planning and tendering. Although HurryTop does not have its own less-than-truckload (LTL) services, it co-loads and brokers LTL shipments with other third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to match customers’ requirements. HurryTop has a total of seven regional distribution centers (RDCs) and 50 DCs. Total warehouse space is more than 200,000 square meters. Most warehouses are located in Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai. They handle more than one million tons of cargo every year. HurryTop has its own IT company which developed its transportation management system and warehouse management system.

Through specialized subsidiaries, HurryTop has two years of experience in temperature-controlled and dangerous goods logistics. One company of the China Network Logistics group, HurryTop Dangerous Goods Transportation Co., Ltd., holds a license for dangerous goods transportation.

Because of the experience it has in regional short-hauls and intra-city distribution, HurryTop is developing B2C (business-to-customer) business for small package delivery. For instance, it handles B2C shipments for, a Chinese online auction and shopping website, which is very popular in China.

HurryTop has a strong customer base. Procter & Gamble is a key customer. Adidas, Audi, Black & Decker, Bosch, Electrolux, Goodyear, Henkel, Hewlett-Packard, Pepsi, Philips, Toyota and Unilever are also customers. For Chinese companies, Yili and Juneyao are customers. Yili and Juneyao a major milk suppliers in China.

In the past, most large, multinational companies needed local 3PLs to provide transportation and distribution for Chinese domestic business. HurryTop got the opportunity to cooperate with these multinational companies. Now it has the experience and a strong network, so more and more Chinese companies turn to HurryTop.

Different from other Chinese 3PLs, HurryTop has a good sales and customer service team led by Rock Liang. The team manages all customer service staff for all the branch offices so that HurryTop can provide uniform service to its customers. The customer service staffs located in different branch offices report to the key account manager at the Shanghai headquarters. The Shanghai headquarters and branch offices work closely together to secure new customers.


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