Fans Trans International Ltd.
Hong Kong Site Visit
April 19, 2011
Eric Xiang

Key Personnel:
Mr. Ken Hui, Director

Founded in 1998, Hong Kong based Fans Trans International Ltd. (Fans Trans) has core competencies in freight forwarding, warehousing, transloading and domestic transportation management. Its staff of over 150 employees generated revenues of $30 million in 2010. Fans Trans has eight branch offices in China and Shanghai is its China headquarters. The Fans Trans operating network is detailed in the figure below.

Fans Trans Offices Map

Fans Trans holds a Class A air freight forwarding license and an NVOCC (non vessel operating common carrier) license in China. Annually, it handles 5,000 metric tons of air freight and 24,000 TEUs (twenty-foot trailer/container equivalent units) of ocean freight. It performs licensed customs broker services in China.

Since Fans Trans has a strong relationship with the Chinese government, it has also been awarded a courier license for all of its China branch office locations. However, Fans Trans is currently not selling any courier business to date.

According to Fans Trans Director Ken Hui, 90% of its export freight forwarding business is FOB (free on board). The main destinations served included Europe, Russia, and Brazil. It has a high-tech focus and its key customers include computer manufacturers: Acer, ASUSTek Computer, and Lenovo. Fans Trans also has significant experience in the apparel industry and in handling GOH (garment on hanger) shipments. It is currently providing multiple services to a leading French apparel company.

Ken Hui is interested in developing a North American market presence and would like to find an agent in the U.S. Moreover, Fan Trans would like to partner with a U.S. based warehouse manager. Ken believes that warehouse managers can establish trusting and close customer relationships and provide integrated solutions which can improve customer retention. Getting the business immediately is not his focus; his focus is on developing long-term customer relationships. He believes that customer satisfaction and retention are keys to future growth. Ken also said that if he finds the right agent/partner in the U.S., he would be open to setting up Joint Venture Company in the future.

With more than 12 years of experience, well-established relationships with Chinese customs and the government, and an expanding strategic network in China, we believe that Fans Trans could be a solid partner for a U.S. based warehousing company looking for an agent in China. We will keep Fan Trans on the radar and track its ongoing growth.


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