Beltmann Integrated Logistics

Mastering the Last Mile/Installation Niche

Detroit, Michigan USA

February 1, 2006


Richard Armstrong

Key Personnel:

Bob Denehy, General Manager

Frank Gaura, Vice President of Business Development

The last mile is the toughest mile in logistics. The combination of timely service, high visibility installation, multiple vendors and strict deadlines are not integrated service offerings most 3PLs embrace. But they are the core service offering for Beltmann Integrated Logistics (BIL).

Beltmann does tool belt installation in conjunction with its retail store and hotel/resort openings business. Here are a couple of examples.

For Fairfield Resorts, Beltmann completes rooms and common areas. Starting with the bare structure, Beltmann installs the mirrors, fixtures and anything else necessary to make the place homey. Then it brings in the furniture. In the process, Beltmann manages the timely transportation of a wide range of products, stores them as necessary, makes the last mile deliveries and does the installation.

For Home Depot, Beltmann set up 24 foot long countertop displays at 500 stores. Five-man teams make the installations between 8 PM and 6 AM. The key difference for Beltmann is the integration of services. Many office furniture manufactures, retail store chains and modern media designers need someone to provide the whole service.

Beltmann evolved into its niche from its roots as a high-value product tracking company. For many years it was the largest North American Van Lines agent, emphasizing commercial accounts along with household goods movement.

Beltmann really jumped into its new niche in 2003 when it acquired LogiSys, an installation logistics company based near Detroit. In 2004, Beltmann was one of the major agents buying back North American’s high-value products transportation operation. The new company, STI, is a critical piece of the Beltmann offering.

Digital Media Solutions is a new service offering which is off to a strong start for Beltmann. As program manager, Beltmann manages the supply chains and installation of large television screens in public areas. The most interesting of these installations involve REACTRIX units. As children play on the mat below the plasma TV unit move around, they cause the display screens on the unit to change. The children quickly learn to understand how their activities change what they are seeing.

The program management solutions put together by Beltmann utilize Total Trak. Total Trak is an on-line, real-time, order management system. It is web enabled. Customers can modify it and its reporting capabilities as needed.

The key players at Beltmann Integrated Logistics are Bob Denehy, general manager, and Frank Gaura, vice president of business development. Denehy got much of his training at Ryder Automotive Logistics. Gaura handled transportation management for DSC. They have $60 million in revenue now with good profit margins. They are masters of this niche and very much in charge of BIL’s bright looking future.

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