100 Year SCM Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen, China Site Visit
January 29, 2016
Eric Xiang

Key Personnel:
Ms. Tracy Huang, South China Marketing Director

100 Year SCM Co., Ltd. is an e-commerce logistics services provider. The company was founded in 2006 providing transportation management services. In 2014, it started focusing on e-commerce logistics mainly handling cross-border imports business. Headquartered in Shenzhen, 100 Year SCM has a branch office Zhengzhou and representative offices in Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, Mianyang and other Chinese cities.

100 Year SCM has 20,000 square meters of warehousing space in Zhengzhou for its cross-border imports business. The warehousing operations are subcontracted. Most of its imports business is imported via the Shenzhen port and airport. 100 Year SCM arranges the customs clearance and transportation from Shenzhen to Zhengzhou. 100 Year SCM also has a warehouse in Hong Kong. The shipments/parcels are shipped from Hong Kong to the Zhengzhou warehouse directly. With its experience in domestic freight forwarding, 100 Year SCM has a good background which helps it secure cross-border imports business. Although 100 Year SCM doesn’t handle international transportation management, it can assist customers’ in finding an agent overseas.

In order to help its customers in developing e-commerce business in China, 100 Year SCM provides an online sales platform where its customers can sell their products to their end consumers. In the Zhengzhou warehouse, the record in peak season is nearly 3,000 parcels handled in a day.

For all the packages, delivery from the warehouse to the end consumer is handled by domestic couriers such as SF Express, STO Express and China Post. 100 Year SCM’s customers include BOE Technology and Weihua Technology. In addition, Sasa.com in Hong Kong is using 100 Year SCM as its logistics services provider in mainland China.

According to Ms. Tracy Huang, 100 Year SCM receives a lot of warehouse investment support in Zhengzhou as the company has good cooperation with the local government and Zhengzhou is a main gateway for cross-border e-commerce business. Some venture capital is also approaching the company to support the development of its cross-border business. With its ambition to grow its cross-border e-commerce business in China and its experience in logistics and customs clearance, 100 Year SCM is confident in achieving rapid growth in the years to come.


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