This October, Armstrong & Associates, Inc. is hosting the seventh annual 3PL Value Creation North America Summit 2019 in Chicago, Illinois to discuss 3PL logistics market trends and predictions. Upon conducting an interview with the President, Evan Armstrong, he explained what is to be expected of this event. This event is to take place in Chicago over the course of 3 days. As he explained these 3 “action packed days” consist of “issues involving 3rdparty logistics market, different providers, and innovation within 3rdparty logistics.” At this summit, leaders of companies will have panels to discuss their experiences in the market place for 3PL logistics. Since the industry is constantly changing, there will be discussions on growth strategies and getting the best value for customers.

Over the last few years, technology has been rapidly changing and growing, so a section of the summit has been devoted to the artificial intelligence in the Warehousing Market. This technology is “co-biotics” which would help workers with packing and increase productivity.

Evan Armstrong states that he wants people to attend to “understand the 3PL market and learn how to capitalize on economic situation.” The new technology in the field of 3PL logistics is also a huge insight to the business. He also wants to show start-up companies how to drive growth and innovation.

Evan showed visible excitement during this interview and also wants the attendees to “learn from multiple leaders within the industry, what their perceptions are, and what things are going to look like in the future.” He explains how all the information debuted at this summit gives a road map of the logistics market in the next five years. Evan has grown fond of other company leaders over the years and looks forward to these types of summits each year.

Days one and two consist of C-level 3PL provider executives and innovative technology experts. On the third day, C-level 3PL provider executives, private equity firms, and investors will attend the conference. The final day is heavily focused on finance and investment topics related to the third-party logistics industry.

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