EXTRAORDINARY GROWTH – Third-Party Logistics Market Results and Trends for 2019 Including Estimates for 190 Countries


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This definitive analysis explores the latest trends in the third-party logistics industry and its major segments. 2018 results and estimates for 2019 are included. Historical trends and growth by 3PL segment are detailed. A&A’s latest Global 3PL market estimates, covering seven major regions comprising 190 countries, are provided. Total and segment 3PL revenues and logistics spend by country and region are included. The report also contains A&A’s lists of the Top 50 Global 3PLs, Top 50 U.S.-based 3PLs and Top 50 Dedicated Contract Carriage providers for 2018.

This report is part of A&A’s premium market research Expert Information Service (E.I.S.). (Note: This report is downloadable as an Adobe PDF file with a single user license.)

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