E-Commerce Logistics in the United States



“E-Commerce Logistics in the United States” provides a comprehensive review of the current state of e-commerce logistics, with a focus on domestic and international transportation, warehousing and fulfillment, last-mile delivery, and reverse logistics.

Our goal is to provide best-in-class research and expertise to enable a deep understanding of the new challenges—and vast potential upsides—presented by e-commerce logistics. This report is for logistics providers, retailers, investors, and researchers who wish to understand the massive shift in logistics networks supporting e-commerce retail. Readers will gain an in-depth knowledge of e-commerce retail’s impact on transportation, warehousing, last-mile delivery, and reverse logistics; key logistics cost growth drivers; major challenges and innovative solutions; and services and technologies provided by leading third-party logistics providers.

“E-Commerce Logistics in the United States” incorporates our latest research, so readers can also stay attuned to developing topics in the industry, from Amazon’s emergence as a logistics player to last-mile delivery for omnichannel product categories like groceries, furniture, and appliances.

Topics include:

• E-Commerce Logistics Costs and 3PL Revenues for 2017–2020E
• E-Commerce Networks, Transportation Logistics, and Domestic Transportation Management
• The Last Mile
• E-Commerce Warehousing and Value-Added Services
• Cross-Border E-Commerce Logistics and International Transportation Management
• E-Commerce Reverse Logistics

Logistics providers, retailers, and technology providers are rapidly innovating to create tomorrow’s e-commerce landscape. Ten “Focus On” sections provide case studies on emerging topics or examine new services and product categories, including:

• Amazon Logistics (including our estimates for Amazon’s total inbound, outbound, and fulfillment costs)
• Same-Day Grocery Delivery
• Value-Added Services for Beauty Products and High-End Apparel
• Shifting International Logistics Networks and the Global Impact of E-Commerce on Fast Fashion
• Seasonality Trends in Cross-Border E-Commerce Logistics

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