Expert Witness, Transportation Practitioner

Since 1980, Armstrong & Associates, Inc. has provided a host of startup, business development, analytical and expert witness solutions.

Expert Witness

Richard Armstrong has been an expert witness in high profile cases such as OfficeMax Inc. vs. Ryder Integrated Logistics. Richard worked as a cost expert for UPS in Texas and Oklahoma. More recently, A&A has worked on cases involving Creative Computing, d/b/a Internet Truckstop vs. LLC; Landstar Logistics, Inc. vs. Collins & Aikman Corporation; and Charles S. Johnson, Jr. et al vs. MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc. In these cases, A&A has functioned as contract, cost, accident and technical experts.

Evan Armstrong has provided testimony as a third-party logistics expert in the following cases:

  • C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. v. XPO Logistics, Inc., Louis J. Amo, Jr., Bradley Bell, M. Sean Fernandez, William F. Kratt, IV, Robert A. Martin, Gregory W. Ritter, Jacob K. Schnell, and Timothy V. Thomas, Minnesota 4th Jud. Dis., Hennepin Cty. Case No. 27-CV-12-16003
  • Braintree Laboratories, Inc. and Affordable Pharmaceuticals, LLC v. Bedrock Logistics, LLC, James Sears, and Henry Villalobos, U.S. Dist. Ct. Mass. Ct. Case No. 16-11936-IT
  • Abington Emerson Capital, LLC v. Jason Adkins, XPO Logistics, Inc., XPO Global Forwarding, Inc., Afif Baltagi, Mid America Tire of Hillsboro, Inc. d/b/a Best-One Tire & Service of Hillsboro, Todd Wilkin, and John Eckerd, U.S. Dist. Ct. Southern District of Ohio Eastern Div. Case No. 2:17-CV-00143-SDM-KAJ

Transportation Practitioner

Since opening 1980, Armstrong & Associates has practiced extensively before the ICC, FMCSA, STB and FMC. A&A has filed over 1,500 applications for motor carrier, broker and freight forwarding operating authorities. In addition, A&A has done extensive work on private trucking fleet conversions and replacements. Particularly important in this work are the tax implications of private fleet conversions.

Trucking Industry Experience 

A&A has consulted extensively with trucking companies since 1980. The emphasis has been on business planning, efficient operations marketing, maintenance and hazardous materials. A&A has extensive hazmat experience including motor carrier employee training and safety audits. A&A’s work on private fleets included BorgWarner, RyersonTull, Genmar Holdings, Alpha Baking and Packerland Transport.

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