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  • Expert Information Service (E.I.S.)

    Expert Information Service (E.I.S.) (2)

    The Expert Information Service (E.I.S.) is our premium market research and analysis offering. It includes a subscription to our leading 3PL guide Who’s Who in Logistics Online. In addition, E.I.S. subscribers have access to A&A’s on-going 3PL market research reports. These include our exclusive annual 3PL market analysis, our warehousing in North America report, our Domestic Transportation Management/Freight Brokerage report, our customers of 3PLs report, our dedicated contract carriage report and our global 3PL market report. Phone consulting is available.
  • Warehouse Information Service (W.I.S.)

    Warehouse Information Service (W.I.S.) (1)

    The Warehouse Information Service (W.I.S.) is A&A's premium value-added warehousing market research and analysis offering. It includes three downloadable files: the comprehensive version of our report First Wave Pick, The Business of Warehousing in North America - 2018, an interactive Warehouse Pricing and Operations Benchmarking Tool in MS-Excel, and an interactive Warehouse Benchmarking Score Card in MS-Excel. W.I.S. subscribers will receive monthly e-tips to further aid warehouse pricing optimization. On-demand, hourly phone consulting is available at a discounted rate.
  • 3PL Guide - Who's Who in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    3PL Guide - Who's Who in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (1)

    The Who's Who in Logistics Online Guide provides Internet access to the continually updated Who's Who in Logistics 3PL database. All of the latest 3PL and industry information is just a browser away. You can search for 3PLs by type of service, regions served, revenue, assets and more. In addition, you can export search results to Excel and create 3PL profile PDFs.
  • Market Research Reports

    Market Research Reports (13)

    A&A’s mission is to have leading proprietary supply chain knowledge and market research not available anywhere else. As proof of A&A's continued work in supporting its mission, A&A's 3PL market research is frequently cited in media articles, publications, and securities filings by publicly traded 3PLs.
  • Individual 3PL Profiles

    Individual 3PL Profiles (552)

    Individual Third-Party Logistics Provider Profiles, downloaded directly from A&A's Who's Who in Logistics 3PL Guide, provide detailed information on top domestic and global 3PLs.

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